Election Day has arrived! Please click here to see a complete list of all Election Day Polling Locations and other nearby locations.  Election Day voting hours are 7am - 7pm.  Thank you for your support!

With your help, we can keep the Precinct 1 Commissioners seat in the hands of an effective, experienced leader. A successful campaign will depend on mobilizing an army of volunteers and supporters who share my commitment to addressing the growing needs of our county without increasing taxes or adding unnecessary regulations.

Political advertisement paid for by the Mark Reid Campaign. Sam Fritcher, Treasurer.


Proven Conservative Leadership. Real World Experience.

Experience and Integrity
Successful entrepreneur and business leader. Decades of experience analyzing complex challenges and making difficult decisions.

Leadership Matters
Lifetime of community, professional, and political service. Founder of numerous organizations and chairman on numerous boards.

True Conservative
Active in Collin County Republican Party. Grassroots conservative activist and leader.

 Early Voting: May 19th-23rd.  Election Day: Tuesday, May 27, 2014